An agency with Morocco in its heart

Tenere Tours is an agency that was born in 2010 and has grown hand in hand with Morocco: along with the increase of tourism in the country, Tenere Tours has been expanding its range of services to reach figures that speak for themselves: more than 1500 customers a year.

This makes us one of the reference agencies in Morocco, not only because of the number of travelers we deal with per year, but also because of the satisfaction that all of them tell us at the end of each trip. In our TripAdvisor profile you can read all the reviews that our customers leave us every day.

This satisfaction is not the result of chance, but of the great experience that Tenere Tours has acquired in the field: we know the needs and tastes of those who choose Morocco as a travel destination, and therefore we offer products tailored to each profile, with the most competitive prices.

Tenere Tours is part of the Mandala Tours group, the corporate parent company that also brings under its umbrella other VIP-oriented agencies in Morocco, as well as subsidiaries operating in other Middle Eastern countries, such as Egypt and Jordan.

Quienes somos
Quienes somos

we make a difference


Local experts

At Tenere Tours we know Morocco like the back of our hand, with professionals who live the day to day life in the country. That is why we have designed a catalog of circuits, excursions and activities of the most varied, with genuine proposals.


Sustainable travel

Participating in shared group trips gives you the opportunity to meet other people with the same concerns as you. So if you want to go back home with new friends to live these experiences with, join one of our tours.


Cultural exchange

On our trips, you will come into contact with ‘real’ Moroccans: not only with the professionals who participate in the circuit, but also with local people with whom we have a special relationship, lovingly woven over the years.


Meet new friends

At Tenere Tours we are very committed to respecting the environment and local communities. We optimize resources and are committed to improving the quality of life of the population where we operate so that our trips are sustainable.


Behind Tenere Tours there is a team that works hard every day so that everything runs like a perfectly oiled machine. Carlos Gallego is the CEO and founder of Mandala Tours and, therefore, the head of Tenere Tours. Ceutí by birth, Moroccan by adoption and global citizen by vocation, he sees his work in the tourism sector as a way of building bridges between different civilizations.

Rachid Aid Khouya is another of the fundamental pillars of the agency: he is the director of the agency and is responsible for all Tenere Tours’ ground services. Not surprisingly, he started in the sector as a chauffeur-guide, so he knows first-hand what the traveler needs. Born in the desert and raised in Barcelona, his cosmopolitan, patient and friendly spirit is an asset to his position.

Hassan Aid Khouya is Rachid’s brother and, at the same time, his perfect complement. He is the service coordinator for Tenere Tours, with special expertise and dedication in accommodation services. In fact, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial talent with the creation of a luxury hotel in the middle of the Sahara desert. Hard work, seriousness and empathy are some of his many professional and personal virtues.

Y Leticia Mata is the chief administrative officer of Tenere Tours. In other words: the person who, with discretion and professionalism, makes everything run smoothly in the agency, both internally and externally. He makes the appropriate reservations, monitors the quality of suppliers, makes payments and collections, attends to our customers… And always with a smile on his face and a positive spirit that drives us all.

Carlos Gallego
CEO and founder of Tenere Tours

Rachid Aid Khouya
Director of Tenere Tours

Leticia Mata
Tenere Tours Chief Administrative Officer

Hassan Aid Khouya
Service Coordinator

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And many other suppliers

Many other professionals participate in our trips: drivers, official guides, adventure monitors… Whether or not they are part of the staff of our agency, their professionalism is proven and they are selected by Tenere Tours to offer you the best service.


Hear the voices of those who have explored Morocco with Tenere Tours. In this section, our travelers share their unique experiences, from walks through majestic deserts to profound cultural encounters. Their testimonials reflect the magic of Morocco and the excellence of our services, providing an authentic source of inspiration for your next adventure.


Don’t miss out on what awaits you in Morocco: take a look at our blog and discover tips, suggestions and useful information to organize your trip. You will arrive in the country with the best basis to understand its culture and admire even the smallest detail of each destination: from gastronomic proposals to lists of must-see monuments, as well as tips and reminders about procedures and documents.