Private Tours to Morocco

Have you marked your Moroccan adventure on your calendar yet? Picture exploring this exotic destination exclusively, with a service tailored just for you and your companions. Our private tours to Morocco are crafted for those seeking an intimate, bespoke experience.

Travel with the peace of mind that comes with having a team dedicated solely to you, guiding you through dreamlike landscapes and hidden gems. Whether with family, your partner, or a group of friends, each moment will be uniquely special and exclusively yours. Get ready for an adventure that will feel deeply personal, where every detail is designed to amaze you.

Morocco awaits to gift you unforgettable memories in a journey that will be distinctly yours!

Customized Morocco Tours by Tenere Tours

At Tenere Tours, we specialize in creating tailor-made journeys to Morocco. What you see on our website is just a glimpse of the array of experiences we offer. Each trip is a canvas, and you are the artist. Whether you desire to customize an existing tour or craft an entirely new adventure, our expert advisors are here to mold your ideas into a personalized Moroccan experience.

Remember, the itineraries showcased on our site are mere examples. If you wish to tailor your experience or are looking for a tour designed specifically to your preferences, do not hesitate to contact our advisors. They are dedicated to adapting each journey to suit your tastes, ensuring your Moroccan adventure is as unique as you are.

Your dream trip to Morocco awaits – let us help you design it to perfection.

Traveler Reviews of Tenere Tours

Let yourself be inspired by the experiences shared by our clients on their journeys through Morocco. Dive into their personal testimonials and discover how our tours have been transformative in their lives. Each story is a mirror reflecting the heart of Morocco and the unique essence of what we offer. Find inspiration for your own adventure and become part of the Tenere Tours family

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Local experts

At Tenere Tours we know Morocco like the back of our hand, with professionals who live the day to day life in the country. That is why we have designed a catalog of circuits, excursions and activities of the most varied, with genuine proposals.


Sustainable travel

Participating in shared group trips gives you the opportunity to meet other people with the same concerns as you. So if you want to go back home with new friends to live these experiences with, join one of our tours.


Cultural exchange

On our trips, you will come into contact with ‘real’ Moroccans: not only with the professionals who participate in the circuit, but also with local people with whom we have a special relationship, lovingly woven over the years.


Meet new friends

At Tenere Tours we are very committed to respecting the environment and local communities. We optimize resources and are committed to improving the quality of life of the population where we operate so that our trips are sustainable.