4 amazing museums in Morocco to escape to

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Whether private or shared, you will travel through different cities and you may have some free time to spend at your leisure. A common option is to escape to visit one of Morocco’s museums. In the country there is a great variety, and in this post we have selected four, scattered in different cities, that will surprise you with their themes and the richness of their collections.

Mohammed VI Museum of Modern Art of Rabat

In Morocco you will not find Western-style art galleries: Islam prevents the representation of God and the human being, so that Islamic art has had its own development in the past, without figurative representations and, therefore, with little or no presence of paintings and sculptures. However, modern art leaves one loophole open: the a taste for the abstract or for extreme imagination has made possible a certain development of contemporary artists. And the best expression of this can be seen in the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern Art in Rabat. Its neo-Hispanic-Muslim style building houses works of very diverse currents: from impressionism to tribal art, including many other pieces of unclassifiable style.

Nejjarine Museum of Fez

The Nejjarine Museum, also known as the Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts, is so named because it is located in the spectacular and historic Nejjarine PalaceThis 18th century jewel has a magnificent central courtyard whose beams, colonnade and other structural elements are richly elaborated in cedar wood. It was an old inn that welcomed merchants and traders who came to the city. For this reason, the museum’s main raw material is wood: its rooms exhibit handcrafted objects made of this material, among which the following stand out musical instruments, furniture and tools for everyday usecenturies ago. Undoubtedly, a place to understand the historical prestige of Fez craftsmanship.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum of Marrakech

The French designer of Algerian origin Yves Saint Laurent was fascinated by the city of Marrakech, establishing one of his residences here, next to the Majorelle Garden. The collection of this museum revolves around the work of the designer, with
and iconic outfitsas well as exhibitions inspired by his style and legacy. Moreover, like the other museums in Morocco discussed in this post, the building of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech stands out for its originality. In this case, Studio KO architects opted for purely local materials and colors, especially the red brick, made with local terracotta.

Museum of the American Legation of Tangier

The fourth museum in Morocco that we want to highlight in this post and that can be within your reach with our tours is the American Legation Museum (also known as the American Legacy Museum). In this case it is a history museum, focused on the importance of the city of Tangier for the United States and its citizens. Many of them lived here during the first half of the 20th century, when it had the status of International Zone. Your rooms are themed with photographs and historical documents, as well as furniture and objects that take us back to that time, such as the workspace of the writer Paul Bowles.and furniture and objects that take us back to that era, such as the workspace of the writer Paul Bowles.

In addition to these four museums in Morocco, there are many others in these same cities or in other cities that are surely worth a visit, even if it is fleeting. Some of them are the Museum of Marrakech or the Orientalist Museum in the same city, the Dar Jamai Museum in Meknes, the Borj Nord in Fez or the Jewish Museum in Casablanca.