5 things to consider when choosing the best flights to Morocco

With Tenere Tours, you will enjoy a tour of Morocco at an unbeatable value for money, with attention from our staff from the moment you arrive at the airport. But flights in and out of the country are not included in the package, so you will have to book them on your own. Therefore, in this post we give you some tips that you should consider to choose the best flights to Morocco, taking into account different factors.

#1. Little margin with secondary airports

Morocco has an interesting variety of airports, spread throughout practically the entire national territory and, especially, in the most important tourist destinations. Casablanca is the one with the most traffic, Marrakech is the most used by tourists, Fez is a good option to move around the city center and Tangier is the most important to reach the north. However, you should know that there are few secondary airports that can serve these main destinations. That is, to fly to such destinations, you will not have much room for maneuver: you will not be able to fly to a nearby airport and from there drive to your final destination. The only exception is Tetouan, which can be considered a close alternative to Tangier in the north. Therefore, this ‘trick’ of intrepid travelers in Europe is not feasible here, because of the distance and the scarcity of flights from these secondary airports.

5 cosas que debes valorar para elegir los mejores vuelos a Marruecos
5 cosas que debes valorar para elegir los mejores vuelos a Marruecos

#2. More direct is not always cheaper

Of course, talking about the best flights to Morocco means, to a large extent, talking about the cheapest flights. And in this sense, paradoxical as it may seem, the shortest and most direct routes are not always the most economical. This is something to keep in mind especially for travelers from the Americas. two-stop flights are more economical than many one-stop flights. And many of a scale, more affordable than the direct ones (although these, in fact, are scarce from America).

#3. Take out insurance

Traveling with insurance is practically essential to come to Morocco, especially for medical issues, given the modest equipment of public health centers and the cost of private ones. But taking out travel insurance is also a good idea to protect yourself against flight-related mishaps, which unfortunately happen from time to time (whether at origin, in transit or at destination). To have a policy of this type simplify procedures and compensate you in case of delay or loss of luggage. in case of delay or loss of baggage.

#4. The earlier the better

As in most cases, the earlier you book your trip, the better. As soon as you know your available days, we recommend you to get your tickets. And then, consult our circuits. As you can see, Tenere Tours offers guaranteed departures almost every week and starting in the main cities with airports (Marrakech, Tangier). In addition, you can take into account the low season of tourism in Morocco (from May to September) and the month of Ramadan, which are favorable times to find the best flights to Morocco.

#5. Do not discard last minute offers

But as surprising as it may seem, sometimes the bargains are found at the last minute, with only a few days to spare. Did you find yourself with a few days off almost out of the blue? Then check the main arrival and departure routes to and from Morocco and, in parallel, check our next tours with guaranteed departure. And you may find that your trip to Morocco will cost you much less than you expected. The ease of buying our tours in just a few clicks will be a great advantage, and the already designed package of the route will allow you to forget about searching for information and other formalities.

#5. No descartes ofertas de última hora

Pero por sorprendente que parezca, a veces los chollos se encuentran a última hora, con pocos días de margen para el viaje. ¿Te has encontrado con unos días libres casi de improviso? Entonces consulta las principales rutas de llegada y salida de Marruecos y, paralelamente, consulta nuestros próximos circuitos con salida garantizada. Y quizás descubras que tu viaje a Marruecos te saldrá por mucho menos de lo que esperabas. La facilidad de comprar nuestros circuitos en unos pocos clics será toda una ventaja, y el paquete ya diseñado de la ruta te permitirá desentenderte de buscar información y otros trámites.