Grand taxi or petit taxi in Morocco? Differences and uses

Although in our tours in Morocco all the trips between cities are solved, thanks to our vehicles with driver (collective or private), it won’t hurt you to know what is a grand taxi (taxiat kebira in Arabic) and what is a petit taxi in Morocco. How do they differ? When to use one or the other? These questions are answered below.

The 5 main differences between cabs in Morocco

Cabs in Morocco differ in certain details depending on the city or region in question. But something common in practically all destinations is the existence of two types of cabs: grand taxis and small taxis. These are their 5 main differences:

  • Size and capacityThe first noticeable difference is the size. As can be deduced from their name, grand cabs are larger than petit cabs: the former can accommodate up to 6 passengers and the second ones to up to 3 passengers normally. Grand taxi used to be Mercedes sedan types and in recent years have been replaced by different types of minivans.
  • Aesthetics grand taxi tend to have an elegant but less standardized aesthetic, with beige predominating as the classic color, while petit taxi tend to follow more specific rules. while the petit taxi tends to follow more specific rules depending on the according to the locality, especially in terms of colors refers. In Rabat, for example, they are blue, while in Marrakech they are yellow and in Casablanca, red.
  • Tours The grand taxi grand taxi are the only ones authorized to travel from one city to another.The petit taxo make urban routes in the locality in which they are authorized. This, together with their larger size and capacity, make them a feasible option for tourist circuits, as they also have more space for luggage. In fact, many independent tourists opt for this service on an ad hoc basis, thus filling a certain gap (or lack of frequency) in certain public transport routes in the country.
  • Taximeter and payment grand taxis do not usually have a taximeter, while petit taxis do. while petit taxis usually do have at least in the main tourist destinations. In any case, it is usually necessary to tell the cab driver to start it, otherwise the trip will be made with an ‘open’ price. The tariff is regulated and provides for supplements in certain cases, for example if the race is at night (after 8 p.m. or 9 p.m.).
  • Equipment Although both modalities have undergone significant improvements in recent years, grand cabs tend to have more premium equipment, due to the type of service provided. In contrast, petit taxis can be more basic and show more ‘wounds’ from the daily battle. But all of them are usually equipped with air conditioning

Although these are five important differences between grand taxis and petit taxis in Morocco, there are also some similarities between grand taxis and petit taxi in Morocco. similarities. For example, the possibility of sharing the service with other passengers who are not previously known. This is common in cabs with a more or less standardized route and will cause the cab driver to wait with the car stopped until the available seats are filled. If the traveler is in a hurry, they can also ‘buy’ the rest of the seats to leave immediately, something that groups of women do to ensure extra security.

And as we mentioned before, in both types of cabs there may be a certain negotiation with the cab driver. negotiation with the cab driver. It is advisable to agree on the price in advance, before starting, otherwise there may be misunderstandings. In addition, you will see both of them parked at their stops, located in strategic places of the city.