How to dress in Morocco if you are a woman

The fact of how to dress in Morocco if you are a woman is a doubt that assails many women travelers when packing their suitcases. And it’s not really a headache, but there are some details you should know. Therefore, in this post we discuss the subject in depth so that you know what to wear in each case.

The general rule: maintain decorum

There is an unwritten rule of thumb that will make you understand, at every moment, how to dress in Morocco if you are a woman: maintain decorum. That is, do not wear very low-cut clothes or very short skirts or shorts. Strapless tops that leave the shoulders bare, and clothes that leave the abdomen uncovered are also not considered appropriate in public contexts.

Dressing in this manner is considered an offense in religious circles. But it can also be considered provocative in the street, so it will end up triggering prying eyes or even offensive attitudes from certain men.

And do you have to wear a veil in Morocco?

The veil or hijab is not obligatory in Morocco, nor is it particularly recommended, except in certain situations. In the cities, it is acceptable for a foreign woman to dress without a veil (and with the decorum mentioned above). However, in rural areas where the presence of foreigners is anecdotal, it can be shocking when a woman does not cover her head. And of course, in the few mosques that allow non-Muslims to enter (the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca and the Tinmel Mosque in the Atlas Mountains) it is mandatory to wear the hijab.

Special mention should be made of Ramadan: in this month of the Muslim calendar, known as the month of fasting, not only is it forbidden to eat solid food until nightfall, but it also prohibits sexual relations. Therefore, anything that can be considered minimally provocative may anger men who, due to fasting, may be more sensitive or irascible. Therefore, if you are traveling during Ramadan, it is advisable to discreetly cover your head in public.

In this case, the most elegant option is a light hijab, without the need to completely cover the hair, as Moroccan women do, leaving only the face uncovered. On the other hand, it is accepted that a non-Muslim foreign woman canlet her bangs and the front of her hair show: they will understand that it is a gesture of sufficient deference and respect for their customs.

And what swimwear should women wear?

Because of the warm weather and the beauty of the coastal destinations, it is likely that during your trip the possibility of a swim at the beach will arise. In this case, it is logical to wonder what kind of swimwear you should wear, if you are a woman. It can be said that on private beaches, where the local population does not usually enter, western swimwear, including bikinis, is acceptable.

Something similar is usually applied in hotel swimming pools, but in this case it is recommended to ask the hotel staff beforehand, in case the policy is different in this regard.

And if you decide to swim in a public beach, mixed among the local population, where men, women and children gather, it is best to wear the clothes worn by the Moroccans themselves. Otherwise, you will stand out powerfully in the environment, creating discomfort for both you and the other bathers.

In any case, if during your tour you have any doubt about how to dress in Morocco if you are a woman, just ask our staff for advice and information on this subject.