Is it allowed to drink alcohol in Morocco? We tell you about it

One of the most common questions among foreign travelers is whether you can drink alcohol in Morocco. In this post we answer this question and, as we shall see, it is about an issue with many nuances. So if you like to have a glass of wine or a beer during your travels, take note of what we tell you here for your tour in this country.

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Morocco, but…

Morocco is a Muslim country, with a legal regulation marked by the precepts of Islam. The followers of this religion are forbidden to drink alcohol, so you will not see any alcoholic beverages. no Moroccan drinking in public or with signs of drunkenness, as it is not only socially frowned upon but also grounds for a fine.

However, Morocco is a country very much visited by foreigners (more than 10 million per year, before the Covid-19 pandemic), so in recent decades there has been a policy of a certain openness and relaxation of laws. There are authorized premises for the sale of alcohol, such as certain supermarkets and liquor stores. In addition, there are others in which its consumption is allowed, always in moderation. More details are given at the end of the article.

What alcohol to drink in Morocco

As you can imagine in a country whose population is prohibited from consuming alcohol, the variety of beverages is quite limited. The wine and beer are the two most common choices, although there is also a certain presence of spirits. some presence of spirits and high-proof liqueurs, such as and high-proof liquors, such as whiskey and vodka.

In Morocco, there are wine-producing regions winesuch as the Middle Atlas hills and the surroundings of Fez and Meknes. Fez and Mekneswhere more than half of Moroccan wine is produced. The beginnings of its production date back to the time of the French Protectorate, serving as a “support” for the booming wine industry in France.

You will find whites as well as reds and rosésThe latter are the most ‘refreshing’, while the whites are the most reliable; reds are also abundant, although climatic conditions (high temperatures during transport) do not always facilitate proper conservation.

There are also some local local beer brandsamong which we can highlight Casa and Flag Speciale. In both wine and beer, the quality of local production is modest. However, there are protected designations of origin (P.D.O.), with Guerrouane, Beni M’Tir and Zerhoune (from the Fez-Meknes area) being the most prestigious. In all cases,
its price
is high in relation to the quality.

Special mention should be made of the
a distillate of figs traditionally elaborated by the Moroccan Jewish community. There are some producing brands, but their presence in stores and restaurants is very limited, since the traditional way is to prepare it at home and drink it in the intimacy of the home.

Where to drink alcohol in Morocco

As for establishments where you can buy and/or drink alcohol, you will find that there are not many. there are not many existing ones. This is due to the huge bureaucratic hurdles required of owners to obtain this license. In general, there are few premises with this license within the medina, and those that do have it tend to be hotels and restaurants focused on the foreign public.

To find out where to drink alcohol in Morocco, you can ask at the reception of your hotel or riad. Your accommodation may have a bar or terrace where wine or beer is served. You can also ask our guides and professionals, who will be able to advise you on this subject. And if you are already in the restaurant and you want to know if drinking alcohol is allowed, you can discreetly ask the waiter, even if the menu does not list any alcoholic beverages.