What is Moroccan leben

At the beginning of the day and at nightfall, but also between monuments, during your tour of Morocco you will have time to taste the local gastronomy, sometimes in a more fleeting way and sometimes in a more relaxed way. And in any of these situations, there are a very popular product you can order: the
Moroccan. In this post we tell you exactly what it is and in which contexts you can try it.

What is Moroccan leben

Although here we speak of Moroccan leben, in reality it can also be found as
and is a drink that many Arab countries many Arab countries have in commonbecause it is part of their culture. However, there are also sources that place its origin or main diffusion in the Balkans during the Byzantine Empire.

In Morocco it is perhaps the most popular and consumed dairy product, if we do not count normal pasteurized milk. It is about a sour milk, generally goat or cow milk, subjected to a high pasteurization andsubjected to a high pasteurization and fermentation fermentationAfterwards, the butter or fat component is extracted to obtain the resulting thick whey. the resulting thick whey, which has a more acidic taste.which is more acidic in taste.

It should not be confused with other dairy products that are also very popular in Morocco but are not exactly the same. For example, the
which is actually a drinkable yogurt, or the
which is a whipped cream cheese with a texture similar to that of yogurt.

Benefits of Moroccan leben

Beyond its its unique taste, its pleasant texture and its refreshing character, it is alsoThe popularity of leben is largely due to its multiple health benefits. Its fermentation process is believed to sterilize this milk and strengthen its probiotic potential. In this way, it would help strengthen the immune system. It is rich in calcium and B vitamins and promotes the restoration of the intestinal bacterial flora, especially after a diarrhea process.

How to take leben

As it is a beverage, everyone can choose his or her ideal time to drink leben. It is true that the most common is to take it well chilledalmost as a refreshment during the hottest days of the year. However, it can be offered as an accompaniment to some iconic dishes of Moroccan gastronomy.

For example, it is the natural accompaniment to
a good couscous
It can also be served with other beverages, such as water, tea or other non-alcoholic beverages.
alcoholic beverages
. Fresh fruit or bread with jam are other classic leben pairings. It is usually drunk unmodified, as is, but some brands have produced versions of this sour milk with other flavors.

Where to find Moroccan leben

If reading these lines has made you want to try Moroccan leben, the good news is that you will have it easy to do so, as its consumption is widespread throughout the country.

The easiest way is to go into a supermarket and buy a bottle or brick, generally of one liter or half liter. You will find them on the fresh milk shelf.

You can also request it, for example, in a cafeteria while you take a break from your tour or as a beverage for your menu at local non-fast food restaurants. If you have doubts, you can ask the waiter, but if the place has couscous on its menu, presumably they also have this drink as an accompaniment.

In addition, it is a common option in hotel breakfasts. hotel breakfasts.especially if they have an open buffet character, since it is one of the beverages that many Moroccans drink at the beginning of the day. In any case, don’t hesitate to ask the staff of our agency if you are craving a leben, and they will surely know where you can get one at hand.