What is the currency of Morocco and how to exchange it?

You have your trip booked, your tickets bought and your bags packed, with all the travel items you had written down on your list. And in that list you will have written down “money” but do you know what the currency of Morocco is and what you have to do to get it? In this post we give you some basic tips on this issue, which is so important for your so important for your trip, which you should not leave to the last minute.

Dirham, the Moroccan currency

The currency of Morocco is the dirham. Its abbreviation is DH or dh. In stock market and macroeconomic contexts, the abbreviation MAD (MArocain Dirham) is often used, but you will not find it on the street, in stores and supermarkets. Sometimes, you will find the price figure of a product without any abbreviation.

You will always find the amount of 1 dirham in 1 dh currency format. But of course, there are also divisions and groupings. As far as divisions are concerned, you will be able to find 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent and half dirham coins (expressed as ½). As far as groupings are concerned, you will find coins of 2 dh, 5 dh and 10 dhas well as 20 dh, 50 dh, 100 dh and 200 dh bills..

Moroccan dirham equivalent

Of course, it will be useful for you to know the equivalence of the dirham, the Moroccan currency, with respect to the currency of your country. The following is an indicative list of the equivalency (as of November 2023) with some of the main currencies used by our customers:

1 dirham is equivalent to…

  • 0.091 euros
  • 0.097 US dollars
  • 1.71 Mexican pesos
  • 34.21 Argentine pesos
  • 86.23 Chilean pesos
  • 389.07 Colombian pesos
  • 0.47 Brazilian reals

Or in other words…

  • 1 euro is equivalent to 10.94 dh
  • 1 US dollar is equivalent to 10.23 dhs
  • 1 mexican peso equals 0.58 dh
  • 1 argentine peso is equivalent to 0.02 dh
  • 1 Chilean peso is equivalent to 0.011 dh
  • 1 Colombian peso is equivalent to 0.002 dh
  • 1 Brazilian real equals 2.09 dhs

How to change your currency to dirhams

To change your currency to dirhams you have three options:

  • Change it at your bank, before leaving: It all depends on your bank’s policy for this type of transaction. Regardless of the cost, you will need to apply well in advance so that they can get the agreed amount in dirhams in time before your trip.
  • Exchange it in a bank, in Moroccan territory: they usually only exchange currencies for their own clients, so it is better not to count on this possibility.
  • Exchange it at the exchange offices: This is where the exchange rates are lower and, therefore, it will be cheaper. You will find them in strategic places for tourists.


You can also obtain dirhams directly from the cashierYou can use your own card, but this option may also be more expensive. Before performing the operation, you will be informed of its cost so that you can assess whether it is worth it or not. You should also make sure that your card provider or your bank supports this option, as they may consider it a fraudulent transaction and block the card if you have not communicated your trip to Morocco beforehand.

Do you accept other foreign currencies in Morocco?

Yes, but not always. The most commonly accepted foreign currencies are as follows euros and dollarsThis is mainly the case for large transactions. For small purchases, they will not be admitted, unless the merchant deems that payment without exchange in the foreign currency is much more economically convenient.

Can I only use a credit card in Morocco?

Technically, you may be able to manage completely by card in Morocco, but don’t risk everything on that card: cash will be necessary for small transactions, especially if you go out of the big cities. In addition, carrying coins or bills will allow you to tip much more easily, especially in small stores, craft stores, cabs and other areas where you are expected to tip.