What are the best dunes in Morocco?

Asking for the best or worst in something is always a subjective question. And asking for the best dunes in Morocco is no exception. But in this post we dare to give our verdict, which logically agrees with the dunes that we integrate in our circuits around the country.

These are the three dunes of Morocco

When we think of a desert, especially the Sahara desert, we often think of an idyllic image of a dune field (
). In other words, this vast surface of sand hills, spontaneously formed by erosion and wind, and often lost on the horizon.and is often lost in the horizon.

But it should be noted that this type of environment is very rare in the Sahara desert: most of it is hammada terrain.
i.e., dry, hard and stony, but not sandy, soil. However, there are three large dune fields in the south of Morocco, relatively distant from each other, so you will have to choose well which one to visit, as integrating two or even all three in the same circuit means increasing the number of days of travel.

These three dune fields are:

  • Erg Ouzina: located in the surroundings of the small village of Ouzina, about 50 km south of Merzouga. Of the three ergs, it is the smallest one.
  • Erg ChigagaThe largest of the three ergs is located about 100 km south of the town of Zagora. In fact, this sector of the desert is known precisely as the Zagora desert. The dunes are about 35 km long and 15 km wide, according to some sources.
  • Erg Chebbi: is located on the outskirts of the town of Merzouga, in the desert of the same name. Its size is approximately 25 km long and 5 km wide.

Erg Chebbi, the best dunes in Morocco

The answer to which are the best dunes in Morocco usually boils down to Erg Chigaga or Erg Chebbi. In our case, we opted for the latter for several reasons. First of all, for its optimal location next to Merzouga and at the end of a paved road in the desert, after passing Rissani or Erfoud.

Another reason that leads us to choose Erg Chebbi is the good quality of tourist services offered here. quality of the tourist services offered here.The quality standards of the dromedary or 4×4 rides as well as the hotel or tented camp accommodations are very high. In addition, in the surroundings there are elevated positions that allow a contemplation of these dunes as a whole, to the delight of the eye.

And of course, we also choose Erg Chebbi as the best dunes in Morocco because of its intrinsic characteristics: its sandy field, its sand dunes, its sand dunes, its sand dunes, its sand dunes. is maintained with great visual purity and, although it is not unusual to see expeditions of dromedary travelers on their way to the camp, the place is still far from overcrowded.

Having said all this, the beauty of Erg Chigaga cannot be underestimated: with a very good level of purity and conservation, it is a less visited destination due to its remoteness from civilization, which provides a greater sense of disconnection. But that, in turn, means a more limited range of services to organize activities related to the experience.

Finally, Erg Ouzina is often a good complement to Erg Chebbi, as they are only 50 km apart and can be covered by 4×4 off-road vehicles on unpaved tracks. One of its attractions is the existence of local communities with semi-nomadic habits, which results in enriching encounters for both parties.