What are the prices like in Morocco?

Although many of the services you will enjoy on your Tenere Tours tour are already included in your package, there will be other expenses that you will have to cover on your own, especially in your free time. Therefore, it will be useful for you to know what prices are like in Morocco. And although there is a lot of variability depending on different factors, in this post we tell you what you should take into account.

Low prices, but with nuances

Comparing prices between Morocco and your country of origin, it is very likely that here they will be cheaper, unless you move in exclusive environments where the cost of services is close to the luxury standards of the Western world (although without reaching it).

But there are many nuances that you should take into account. For example, in many stores there is no ‘fixed’ price. You will find these prices already established and publicly visible to the customer in supermarkets, restaurants and other stores where the service is ‘standardized’, such as pharmacies. For this type of pricing, please refer to the list below.

On the other hand, prices in Morocco are much more variable in the traditional stalls, such as those you will find in the souks of the medina. There, you may not find signs or price tags on the items, since everything depends on the negotiation you establish with the merchant during the bargaining.

We have dedicated another post of our blog to this topic, but you should keep in mind that the starting price can change a lot depending on several factors. For example, the purchasing power that the merchant senses you have, based on where you come from or the way you dress.

Price list in Morocco

In order to know the prices in Morocco in an orientative way, we turn to a reference site on the subject: Numbeo. According to this specialized portal, the cost of living in Morocco is 40% cheaper than in Spain (and the cost of living in Spain is, in turn, 35% cheaper than in the United States).

Of course, prices vary greatly from one city to another. But we take Marrakech as a reference: its prices at the popular level are very similar to those of the rest of the country. However, in terms of tourism, prices are significantly higher than in the rest of Morocco, especially if you choose medium-high quality services.

This is a generic list of prices in Morocco and Marrakech, taking as reference everyday products but also common services for those who come to the country for tourism:

Price list in Morocco

  • 1 liter of milk: 7.80 DH (0.72€)
  • 1 dozen eggs: 15,03 DH (1,39€)
  • 1 cappuccino coffee: 15,87 DH (1,46€)
  • 1 lunch for two in a mid-level restaurant: 200 DH (18.44€)
  • 1 regular city bus ticket: 5 DH (0.46€)
  • 1 liter of gasoline: 13.96 DH (1.29€)
  • Levi’s brand jeans or similar: 334.21 DH (30.82€)
  • 1 imported beer (in a supermarket): 22,36 DH (2,06€)
  • 1 imported beer (in a bar): 30 DH (2.77€)

Price list in Marrakech

  • 1 liter of milk: 8.08 DH (0.75€)
  • 1 dozen eggs: 13,66 DH (1,26€)
  • 1 cappuccino coffee: 15,92 DH (1,47€)
  • 1 lunch for two in a mid-level restaurant: 410 DH (37.81€)
  • 1 regular city bus ticket: 4 DH (0,37€)
  • 1 liter of gasoline: 14,67 DH (1,35€)
  • Levi’s brand jeans or similar: 264 DH (24,35€)
  • 1 imported beer (in a supermarket): 24,50 DH (2,26€)
  • 1 imported beer (in a bar): 40 DH (3.69€)


As you can see, it can be said that shopping in Morocco is cheaper than in many other countries, but certain products and services are not exactly cheap, so you will have to choose well in each case.